A brain MRI and a “fundamental” neurologist

The MRI of my brain came back and it wasn’t so hot.  They found multiple lesions.  This, combined with the demyelination in my spinal cord from my neck MRI, put concern on the table that this could be something serious.  And yet, I had no symptoms apart from the occasional slight tingle in my leg.  My primary care physician referred me to a neurologist.

When describing the neurologist that he was sending me to, my doctor kept referring to him as “very fundamental”.  He repeated this term over and over and to this day, I am still not 100% sure exactly what that means.  The closest to an explanation that I got from my Doc was him saying that a young neurologist would just see the MRI report and throw me on MS medicine.  However, the neurologist that he was sending me to was “very fundamental”.  OK.  I guess.

I actually really liked Dr Fundamental.  The concern was that he was approximately 70 years old.  The pro with that is that he was “very fundamental”.  I’m going to relabel that as old school.  There were several cons with this, however.  First, I would hope that my disease  treatment will outlive him.  Second, he had his own issues like canceling one of my appointments because he had to go in for a procedure of his own.  Lastly, were occasional comments like “I’ve prescribed the same medication for MS for the last twenty years”.

Don’t get me wrong.  I think that Dr Fundamental is great.  I would refer anyone seeking a general neurologist to him and I am very thankful of the treatment that he gave me.  That’s a topic for the next post.

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