Can a tingling leg mean a heart attack?

We will call this the case of the mysterious tingling leg, part 1.

Almost a year went by without any further symptoms apart from just feeling not quite as agile as I used to be.  Then one day, I started to notice a tingling sensation in my leg.  It wasn’t painful.  It was a similar feeling as to how your leg may feel if you have sat on a toilet seat too long.   The sensation was in the front lower part of my left thigh, a little above the knee.  It only showed up occasionally.  If I ran, it tingled.  If I walked very quickly to cross the street before the light changed, it tingled.  The strongest sensation occurred each morning when I would climb out of bed.  In each case, the tingling would cease as soon as I stopped the movement.

The tingling was so slight and intermittent that I didn’t concern myself with it until a month later when I had a conversation with a friend.  My friend had recently had a heart attack and was sharing his story with me.  He had all of the classic symptoms such as a tingling numbness in his arm and the feeling of an elephant sitting on his chest.  It got me thinking about my leg.  Was it possible that a tingling leg could be the same warning sign as a tingling arm?  Time to see a doctor.

My doctor ran me through a battery of tests including an EKG.  Everything looked great.  My heart was fine.  The doctor suggested that I schedule a nerve induction test to make sure that there wasn’t a problem there, which I did for six weeks later.

I went back home, very relieved, expecting whatever had caused the tingling leg to go away on it’s own.

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