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A Sober Drunk or drinking Red Bull and Vodkas

A sober drunk is probably the most common description that I have seen used by someone with MS explaining what it is like to have the disease.  I think that it is fairly accurate.  In fact, in my very first post I talked about how I distinctly remember the first time that I noticed something wasn’t right.  I was walking down a city street with colleagues and felt almost like I had been drinking, but I hadn’t.

With MS you can be completely sober, yet unsteady on your feet.  As you walk across a room, you might bump into chairs or at least place your hand on the backs to steady yourself.  You will bump into walls or guide yourself along them.  Going up or down steps, you will hold onto the rail for support.  You will find it difficult to walk in a straight line or to stand still without wobbling a little, especially with your eyes closed.  In other words, you have the same balance and coordination issues that you experience when drunk.  Except that you are not.

Red Bull and vodka has become a popular, if not dangerous, cocktail.  Why is it dangerous?  Because you don’t notice when you are getting drunk and that can easily lead to over-drinking.  Typically when you drink alcohol, you feel tired.  The energy drink offsets this.  If you are sitting down drinking red bull vodkas, you will feel alert and energetic; almost sober.  Until you stand up to go to the restroom and realize that you can’t walk a straight line as you stumble across the room.  Having MS is a lot like that.  Sitting there you will feel just as normal as you always did; until you get up.

And of course, you can’t just drink some water, take an aspirin and sleep it off.