About Me

Welcome to my website.  I am man in my late forties that has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS).  I was always very healthy and athletic until this hit me.  I was officially diagnosed and began treatment September 2013.

My goal is for this to be a forum where I, along with others in a similar predicament, can share our stories and thoughts as we manage our lives with the disease.  Personal experiences are welcome as well as recent news and developments in our fight against MS.

At least for now, I will be remaining completely anonymous.  My MS is still a secret outside of my closest family.  I work in a very competitive industry and it is hard to see the benefit of coworkers learning about my condition before absolutely necessary.  While I am very grateful to all of the missionaries spreading the word and raising awareness about MS, I have a bunch of mouths to feed at home and I need to put my family’s interests first.

Feel free to add to my posts.  We are all in this together; let’s help one another out.

Please enjoy, contribute and if even just one person finds anything in my story helpful, interesting or supportive, then it was well worth the effort.

– MSTomorrow