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Happiness is a good MRI scan

My first MRI was one year ago.  At the time, I had virtually no symptoms.  To my shock and surprise, the scan showed numerous lesions on both my brain and spinal cord.  I was told by my neurologist at the time that it is not unheard of for a person to have a mismatch between their MRI and their symptoms.  Some people show very little problems on their MRIs, yet suffer significant symptoms.  I was the opposite.  Completely normal except for an occasional tingle in my leg, but with a quite ugly MRI scan.

Fast forward a year later and I went in to have my second set of MRIs.  During this time, my symptoms, while still mild, have progressed.  The tingle went away but has been replaced with balance and coordination problems.  It now requires a fair amount of concentration to walk without showing a slight limp or wobble.  Heel to toe walking has become a challenge.  I also have some spots on my foot that have a reduced sense of feeling.

Based on this, I went to my MS Dr’s appointment with very low expectations.  During the year I had been on Rebif for three months but had dropped it a month prior to my MRI due to an allergic reaction.  Prior to that I was not taking any disease modifying drugs at all.

I had accepted the fact that my MRI would show increased activity and lesions.  If it was bad when I had no symptoms, surely it would be worse now that I was suffering some of the effects of the disease.

But that’s not what happened.  My MRI actually looked better than the year before!  The scan of my spinal cord in particular looked better.  Maybe it was the three months plus residual effect of the Rebif.  Maybe it was just the path that the disease is taking for me.  It doesn’t matter what caused it.  I was incredibly elated and relieved.

My appointment was Friday afternoon.  It made for a wonderful weekend.