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Better than a sharp stick in the eye, barely

The case of the mysterious tingling leg, part 3….

A couple of weeks later I went in for my first MRI.  This one was of my neck and it was not a bad experience, really.  It was a little loud but they supplied me with earplugs.  Luckily I am not claustrophobic so laying still in the small tube didn’t bother me.  Truth be told, it was actually quite comfortable and relaxing.  No results yet; that would take some number of days.

While the MRI was comfortable, the nerve induction test (EMG) was anything but.  In my first two years with the disease, there have been only a few incidences of physical discomfort.  The EMG was the first.

The first half of the test was fine.  The doctor stuck needles in my legs connected to wires that measured the electrical signals going through my nerves.  The second half was no fun at all.  With the needles stuck in me, the doctor pressed a metal electrode against different spots.  Pressing it hard against my skin was uncomfortable.  But that was nothing compared to when he hit a button on the machine and it sent electrical shocks through my leg.  Progressively dialing up the intensity of the shocks, the last few at each location came with a warning from the doctor that “this one may be a little uncomfortable”.  That’s for sure.

The good news was that the EMG results were fine.  My nerves apparently responded properly to the shock torture.  Again, I went back home relieved, expecting that the slight tingling would probably just go away on it’s own.