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The bed feels sooooo good in the morning with my MS

I’m not sure if any other MS inflicted have experienced this…..

Going to bed at night is sometimes an uncomfortable experience.  For me it’s a combination of two things; my neck and my leg.  Somehow, I developed arthritis in my neck.  It tends to get more sore as the day goes on.  My leg on the other hand, still has the original tingling, in varying intensity.

Adding the two together means that some nights, I am laying in bed trying to fall asleep while my neck is in pain and my thigh feels like micro fireworks are going off in it.  Not the most conducive to drifting away into dreamland.

The morning though is an entirely different story.  By then, my neck feels good.  And oddly, the tingling is very gentle and slight.  It actually feels good.  Really good.  Kind of like the sensation you feel when stretching or even getting massaged.

I’ve always been bad about repeatedly hitting the snooze button.  This isn’t making that habit any easier to break.  Luckily the little ones ensure that I don’t get to enjoy it for too long in the mornings.  What will I do to get up when they become teenagers though?